Pitching for Business

If you’ve won the opportunity to pitch for a piece of work., why not do everything that you can to make sure that your presentation is as relevant, clear and powerful as it can be?  We can help you to answer the following questions…

Why do clients choose one firm over another in competitive pitches?

  • How can you prepare a short, relevant and focused pitch?
  • How can you prepare to succeed and be confident doing so?
  • We have extensive skills in business, theatre TV and films and we are the only European firm that can bring this skill together in a way that is really relevant for commercial people.

We have extensive sales and business development skills developed in global commerce and communication skills honed in theatre, TV and film industries. We are the only European consulting firm that can bring this set of skills together in a way that is really relevant for results focused business people.

How much would it be worth to you, knowing that your new business pitching teams are world-class in everything that they do?  See our range of courses and consulting support here - Simplifying Pitching for Business